I am doing Valentine’s day mini sessions on February 3rd and I am SO excited! I still have space available so email me at kiana@kianamccrackin.com to book your slot! These sessions will be 15 minutes long at my studio in Queen Anne, Seattle with a special Valentine’s Day set (different then pictured here). Here is […]

I have always been a hoarder. I come by it honestly, my Grandma is a hoarder, and probably her Grandmother before her. It started before I can remember. When I was very small I had an Altoid tin that I collected treasures in. My Mom likes to point out that my “treasures” were broken erasers […]

They say the world was built for two. These two souls found each other three years ago. To celebrate that moment he booked her a day at the spa, a dinner out, and a photo session. They look at one another like they are the only ones in this galaxy. They each make the other […]

Before there was Eloise there was this moment of waiting. The end of pregnancy is a pause. It is the in between. The before. It is a wonderful moment of patience spent knowing that you are soon meeting the little being that will change your life forever. It is a profound time, certainly one worth […]

One is brunette, the other is blonde. They are the sweetest pair, a set of girls bound by sisterhood. They will always have each other to laugh with, to cry with, to make memories with and that is pure magic. I ¬†am obsessed with photographing relationships. The love that binds a family together is unlike […]

I hope she remembers when she was a small girl she loved to smell the flowers and twirl in flowing dresses. I hope she remembers all the wonders she discovered in forests and on beaches. I hope she looks back and smiles when she thinks of the games she played and the thoughts she had. […]

Sweet little Eloise has blue eyes that seem to hold oceans within them and the softest brown hair. She looked at me with so much expression when I met her. She smiles. She gurgles. She looks straight into my lens with curiosity. I photographed Eloise in her first home; the one she will look back […]

This bunny has seen a lot: tears, laughter, love, childhood. What a perfect witness to the first few years of life. Each bit of the beloved toy that is a little worn tells the sweet story. Someday, far too soon, this bunny will be laid aside, perhaps packed away in a box and briefly forgotten, […]

“Mother.” I try the word on, testing it’s appropriateness as a description of me and imagining the little life in my arms whispering the string of letters. It’s like waking up in the dark unsure if what floods your mind is leftover from a dream or is reality. Maybe what I’m missing is time. Time […]

So many of my clients tell me that their all-time favorite part of the whole experience with me is the Premier. The Premier takes place around 2 weeks after the session. It starts off with a slideshow of all the images set to music. I project the slideshow onto the wall so it feels like […]

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